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Thundering Hoof Ranch LLC is a family owned and operated farm located within the beautiful and gentle rolling hills of Green Lake County.  At The Ranch we have a strong tie to the land as we are 4th and 5th generation farmers.

We work to preserve and restore habitat for wildlife by replacing once highly eroded row crop land with sustainable forage based farming, restored windbreaks, and set aside habitats.  We also believe animals should be treated with respect and be able to live in a more natural environment with a healthy diet.

Rotational grazing is a large part of what we do to preserve the land and ensure it is not overused.  Rotational grazing is a livestock production system where livestock graze in one portion (a paddock) of a pasture that has been divided into several paddocks. Livestock are systematically moved from paddock to paddock based on the stage of growth of the plants. While one paddock is being grazed, the rest of the pasture rests.

Benefits of Rotational Grazing

  • Improved plant health
  • Improved rainfall infiltration
  • Reduced runoff
  • Improved soil health
  • Reduced soil erosion
  • Diverse wildlife habitat
  • Reduced fuel and machinery use
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Reduced fertilizer and pesticide use
  • Improved animal health

Our quest is to be a zero footprint farm.  Every year we look for more ways to be even more sustainable,

 We wish everyone could see the tremendous difference a few short years of working with nature can make.

We hope you will come see us soon!

John, Stephenie, Aiven, Blake, Hailey and a whole lot of other "kids"