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Ranch Principles
  •  Not treated with hormones

  • No Routine Antibiotics because of clean, healthy environment

  • Forage Based Farming – no chemical fertilizers, permanent ground covers to protect soil from erosion and ground water contamination, sustainable agriculture

  • Animals are raised in a low stress natural environment; no unnecessary confinement

  •  We raise all of our own products

  • We allow the animals to express their natural instincts; pigs are allowed to root, sheep are allowed to frolic, chickens are allowed to scratch, and cows are allowed to keep their young by their side. We strive for heritage/heirloom breeds in everything we do so the animals can take care of themselves and have healthier immune systems.

  • Grassfed Beef

  • At The Ranch, we raise beef as natural as possible. Calves nurse and stay with their mothers up to 10 months. In turn this helps the calves build strong immune systems.

  • We do not feed any grain and our beef has “True old fashion beef flavor”.

  • Research has shown that Grassfed beef is lower in saturated fat and has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and two health-promoting fats called omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid.

  • Grassfed Gourmet Icelandic Lamb

  • Icelandic Sheep are one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds of sheep. They have a great mild flavored meat and beautiful wool coat of natural browns, tans, and cream colors. Like all of our animals, we raise them on pasture.

  • We know you will just love the taste of this lamb compared to any other!

  • Wool and wool product from these beautiful sheep are also available.

  •  **Beautifully Tanned Lamb Hides. The long silky brushed wool is incredible. ** Hand Spun Wool Yarn

  • Pastured Berkshire Pork   

  • We feed our heirloom breed of pigs a natural diet of corn, hay, pasture grasses, Pigs grazinggarden vegetables, and mineral. We NEVER feed our pigs junk food like cookies, pizza, or any other type of industrial food system waste

  • Our Pork has given us very happy and loyal customers who are not afraid to voice that they will never go back to store-bought pork again! They never knew pork tasted this good!      

  • Pastured Chickens & "Golden" Eggs

  • Free range chickensOur chickens are pastured during the growing season.

  • Our truly Free Range egg-laying chickens follow the beef through the pastures, snacking on nutritious grass and insects in addition to their feed. You will notice that our eggs have a deep orange/gold colored yolk which is representative of the chicken’s nutritionally rich diet.

  • Eggs that are pasture raised are higher in Omega-3’s, lower in cholesterol, lower in “bad fats”, and higher in “good fats”.